Plastic Cap and Plug Kit

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Great for Preventing Debris from Entering Hose

Saves Money and Time

101 pc Kit


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This kit will help prevent debris from getting inside the hydraulic hoses when you disconnect them for any reason.  Also helps with protecting the fitting threads.

Our kit includes the most common sizes, but if you find that you need other sizes, contact and we can create a custom kit for you.

This kit includes the following: 

P/N ZP679990 Plastic Cap and Plug Kit

(1) Transparent Plastic Compartment Box

Cap Plugs

(10) .25 O.D.

(10) .37 O.D

(10) .50 O.D.

(5) .62 O.D.

(5) .75 O.D.

(5) 1.0″ O.D.

(5) 1.25 O.D.

(10) 532x608x44

(10) 675x755x62

(10) 800x910x75

(10) 3/4x.915×1.0

(10) 1.235×1.360

(10) 1.56×1.68×75






Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 3 in


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