Plug and Cap DIN-S

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The perfect Plug & Cap kit for the mechanic in you.  Have a Hydraulic system you need to perform preventive maintenance on?  Perhaps you need to disassemble and re-assemble machine with hydraulics?  This kit give you the caps and plugs to cap the hose from leaks while you perform preventive maintenance.  Not only is this important for safety reasons, it also helps save money from oil ending up on the floor.

This Kit Includes the Following:

P/N: Kit-PL-CP-DIN-S (64 pcs)

(1) Metal Compartment Box W/ Gray Finish

   Covers                      Plugs                            Caps

L06 M12-1.5        5203S -06 (4) pcs          5204S -06 (4) pcs

L08 M14-1.5        5203S -08 (4) pcs          5204S -08 (4) pcs

L10 M16-1.5        5203S -10 (6) pcs          5204S -10 (6) pcs

L12 M18-1.5        5203S -12 (6) pcs          5204S -12 (6) pcs

L14 M22-1.5        5203S -15 (4) pcs          5204S -15 (4) pcs

L16 M26-1.5        5203S -18 (4) pcs          5204S -18 (4) pcs

L20 M30-2.0        5203S -22 (2) pcs          5204S -22 (2) pcs

L25 M36-2.0        5203S -28 (2) pcs          5204S -28 (2) pcs





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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in


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