All ASI hydraulic power units, lubrication and filtration systems, and cooling systems are designed and fabricated to exact engineering standards that have been developed and refined.

You are assured of a properly designed unit, not “shop engineered.” Our design and engineering staff provides complete integration. At ASI, we can assist you with systems design, engineering support, prototype development, on-site startup, testing, and troubleshooting.

  • Custom engineered system design
  • Replacement or upgrading existing units
  • Turnkey system capabilities
  • In-house system run-off of every unit
  • Installations and Startups
  • Schematics, B.O.M.s, Startup & Maintenance documentation


Many of the units we manufacture are designed to be unique to the customer by having the metalworking capability in house. ASI can fabricate any custom reservoir, enclosure or structure needed. ASI goes beyond the “off the shelf” unit and provides solutions that truly fit your needs.

ASI works with all types of materials from aluminum, stainless steel to carbon steel. Many different paint colors and powder coating options are available.

ASI manufactures systems selecting the best components for each application, while also utilizing customer input for preferences of brands and models, determined by factory lead times, budget, and commonality with customer’s existing equipment. Our units are designed and manufactured for years of efficient, trouble-free operation.


Every ASI power unit, lubrication and filtration system, and cooling system is assembled step by step according to our proven assembly checklist to assure you of proper assembly and quality control of each step. As a final step, the unit is functionally tested at full pressure, full volume with actual external loads to assure you that the circuit and components are functioning properly.

We’ll custom engineer, designed to your specifications, the power units or units needed for your specific application, anywhere you are. An ASI specialist will be in touch with you to determine what you need, where you need it and when you need it. Contact us TODAY for a quote!